Recognized as Utah’s newest pest, the elm seed bug does not pose the threat of harm or known disease to your or your family or even threaten the agricultural industry. The good news is these fairly large beetles (between 8 to 13mm) are a seasonal annoyance, the bad news is the adults do not die during the winter. Instead, they seek a safe warm place to hide out through the cold months – i.e. your home, garage, storage shed or office building. When springtime hits, these beetles come out of hiding to lay larvae in the surrounding elm trees.

Elm seed bug larval feed on the seeds of the elm trees during the spring and early summer months. To effectively halt the elm seed bugs life cycle, Mantis Pest Control will provide initial elimination, followed by important follow-up treatment to prevent another, even greater, infestation next year. Give us a call us at 801-381-3005 to protect your property from infestation with guaranteed safe and effective elm seed bug pet control.