From the 950+ bat species worldwide, the Beehive State is home to 18 known species that are protected by Utah law. Generally humans and bats peacefully coexist, but we each face potentially hazardous situations when we come in close contact. Bats roosting in the attics or ceiling spaces of homes, warehouses, barns and sheds should be professionally removed to avoid the very real risk of contracting histoplasmosis from guano inhalation or rabies from a scratch or bite.

Mantis Pest Control understands the dangerous situation that you, your family and pets are faced with from a single bat intrusion or an ongoing bat infestation. Our experienced, state-certified professionals will perform a thorough inspection of the property to determine the bat’s source(s) of entry and develop a removal and exclusion plan customized to your property’s individual needs. Call us at 801-381-3005for your comprehensive, bat control plan to safely rid your home or office of dangerous bats.