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Commercial Bird Control in Utah

All Utahan know the story about how the seagull became Utah's official state bird by eating the hordes of crickets that were destroying pioneer crops in 1848. But in our modern society, our feathered saviors and other local wildlife can cause many problems, and even affect day-to-day business here in the Beehive State. The best way to deal with a bird problem affecting your company's production or quality of service is prevention by means of deterrence.

Mantis Pest Control uses a variety of innovative techniques to help your business reduce the health hazards, damaging corrosion and potential liability an infestation of birds can cause. Our responsible bird control ensure minimum impact on the environment and Utah’s bird population. Depending on your business, location and the individual bird species; we will determine the most effective method(s) to target and greatly reduce your bird problem so you can get back to business as usual, as soon as possible. Your Avian Exclusion Specialist will employ one or more of the following proven methods:


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Screen & Guards

Let the experts with Mantis Pest Control help secure your home, office or apartment complex from unwanted visitors like shrub-nesting birds, skunk, raccoon and squirrel. We integrate several noninvasive methods to effectively defer birds, rodents and other pests using screens and guards to cover vents at ground level and on the roof. We are pleased to offer these affordable and easy to install entry prevention solutions: · Foundation Vent Screen · Wall Vent Pest Screen · Bathroom Vent Guard · Roof Vent Boot Guard · Animal Control Screen


Bird netting is a reliable method to permanently prevent birds from congregating or roosting in unwanted areas. We provide property owners with a variety of netting solutions for every individual situation from seasonal garden netting to protect crops large and small to heavy-duty netting to protect exposed pipes and loading bays. Our trained Pest Control Experts will customize a comprehensive pest control plan to ensure we find the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your bird problem. Call Mantis today at 801-400-4317 for your free, no-obligation estimate. *Mantis Pest Control in Salt Lake City, Utah practices environmentally-friendly, humane methods to ensure the protection of legally protected bird species and adheres to the national guidelines set forth by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Holographic Gel

Revolutionary holographic gel is used as a barrier to prevent birds from congregating and roosting on balconies, signs, rooflines, ledges, gutters, window sills, street lights and in other covered outdoor spaces. This multi-sensory approach uses safe, non-toxic gel strategically installed to repel birds using a combination of sight, touch and smell: · Sight - Birds see in UV and the holographic reflection of this incredible technology appears as visual hot spot to them. Birds will keep a safe distance from this perceived threat. · Touch - Birds are very cautious and do not like stepping in anything sticky. The placement of this incredible deterrent will immediately repel any bird. · Smell - the non-toxic blend of proprietary ingredients create an unpleasant smell that all birds are instinctively repelled by.

Bird Spikes

Bird Infestation in Utah? Mantis Pest Control is here to help! Bird spikes offer a safe and effective way to deter birds, particularly large species, from landing and roosting on or around your commercial building, loading dock, exposed piping, apartment complex or open-air operation. Our cost-efficient bird spikes are designed to protect your property from damage and blend-in with the surroundings. Stainless steel bird spikes are constructed with highly-durable materials to provide you with long-lasting bird control for years to come. We also offer economical bird spikes made from heavy-duty plastic in variety of colors to match the color scheme of your home, commercial building or outdoor space.

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