An army of termites can cause significant and costly damage to your home, office or rental property if you hesitate to seek professional extermination at the first sign of termite infestation. These destructive tiny critters have a voracious appetite for the cellulose found in lumber and often go unnoticed until major structural damage has occurred. Contact a professional termite pest control in Utah if you suspect termites to halt destruction and successfully eliminate the infestation.

Mantis Pest Control technicians will work with property owners to develop an individualized termite control plan and identify the extent of damage caused to your home or office building. We begin with an extensive inspection to locate the termite nest and help identify other susceptible areas. Our safe and effective methods will ensure quick termite elimination and effective preventative treatment options to keep them from coming back. Call the experts at Mantis at 801-381-3005 for an affordable, termite pest control plan to locate, identify, eradicate and prevent infestation.